Beat the rythm, shout, pull your hair, cry on the chest of your partner, say the prayer, but what happened – will not happen again, what happened – happened. There are the ones who were there, the ones who burned calories while dancing, who got mad, argued, who perhaps puked, who reconnected, who photographed, who smiled and laughed, who got married. What is rest – is love, songs and pictures. Tomorrow will be a new day, new song, new story, but the good old love will remain. Now. Forever. And ever.

Hand in hand with Joana Burn Photography we were there, we drank wine, we danced, we laughed and photographed. And loved. Now. Forever. And ever.

Text and pictures by: Joana Burn & Slow Sunday Photography

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30th June 2016
wow.. beautiful moments and photos. love your work..:)
    22nd August 2016
    Thank You, Sukadi !